Nochmal wegen den derzeitigen Umfrageergebnissen: Sich für die AfD zu entscheiden weil man von der Ampel enttäuscht ist, ist wie aus der Toilette zu trinken weil es für die kalte Limo keine Eiswürfel und Schirmchen gibt.

The #Bible has been removed from libraries in Utah after a parent used a new law that permits the removal of "pornographic".

The parent argued that the Bible contained topics such as incest, bestiality, genital mutilation, and infanticide, making it pornographic under the new definition set forth in Utah Code Ann. § 76-10-1227.

A GOP lawmaker expressed "sadness" regarding the situation.

#BookBans #USA

Was Justizminister Buschmann sagt ist richtig: „Selbstjustiz ist in einem Rechtsstaat niemals eine Option, für niemanden.“
Sagt er halt nur, wenn er den Prozess gegen eine linke Straftäterin kommentiert, nicht wenn es normalisiert wird, Klimaaktivisten von der zu Straße prügeln.

@jkphl @tollwerk Danke dir für die Info! 🙂
Wir schauen uns das nächste Woche auf jeden Fall mal an.

'Node-Abhängigkeiten' und 'zerrissen' gehört ja irgendwie immer zusammen in einen Satz 😆

When I started in this industry, a superior told me the difference between an employee and a manager is that the employee is like "yay, finally weekend tomorrow", the manager "what? Already weekend tomorrow??"

I now feel confident to say: fuck this guy.

@frederic @webrocker Ist halt oft viel Handarbeit auf die am Ende vom Projekt keiner mehr Lust hat. Hab auch schon oft erlebt, dass $kunde da dann nicht mehr besonders kooperativ ist, weil $Seite ist ja fertig jetzt. Auch wenn man darüber aufklärt, dass es SEO-mäßig dumm ist 🤷‍♂️

@tollwerk Hi liebe Tollwerker 😊
Sagt mal, ist dieses Projekt noch aktiv?
Wenn nicht, nutzt ihr inzwischen eine andere Lösung? Wir suchen gerade nach einer gut integrierten Lösung für TYPO3-Projekte und Fractal fand ich eigentlich immer sehr angenehm.

hoooly moly soon you'll be able to do this (in Chrome, hopefully others quickly)

COLUMBO: now, earlier you said it was important to have no kink at pride cause youre worried about what the children might see. but you see, my wife and i went to pride last year. and we had a great time, just wonderful. and while i was there i talked to fella, this leather pup, and you wanna know what he told me? he said, that that kind of argument sounds just like the conservative moral panic from the 80s. oh, im sure you dont mean it that way.

The enforcement of copyright law is really simple.

If you were a kid who used Napster in the early 2000s to download the latest album by The Offspring or Destiny's Child, because you couldn't afford the CD, then you need to go to court! And potentially face criminal sanctions or punitive damages to the RIAA for each song you download, because you're an evil pirate! You wouldn't steal a car! Creators must be paid!

If you created educational videos on YouTube in the 2010s, and featured a video or audio clip, then even if it's fair use, and even if it's used to make a legitimate point, you're getting demonetised. That's assuming your videos don't disappear or get shadow banned or your account isn't shut entirely. Oh, and good luck finding your way through YouTube's convoluted DMCA process! All creators are equal in deserving pay, but some are more equal than others!

And if you're a corporation with a market capitalisation of US$1.5 trillion (Google/Alphabet) or US$2.3 billion (Microsoft), then you can freely use everyone's intellectual property to train your generative AI bots. Suddenly creators don't deserve to be paid a cent.

Apparently, an individual downloading a single file is like stealing a car. But a trillion-dollar corporation stealing every car is just good business. @technology #technology #tech #economics #copyright #ArtificialIntelligence #capitalism #IntellectualProperty #law #legal #economics

As someone who's been working remotely since 2014 and runs a fully remote company since 2019, my only thought on this is: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@matuzo Damn, 10er! That's impressive. My first ICQ Number started with a 15 and I think I signed up for it in 5th grade. 😲

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So, we jumped from #Twitter to #Mastodon, after a man with a sink showed us how fragile centralized platforms really are. And now there's #Bluesky wanting to convince us that their AT Protocol is even more robust than #ActivityPub. But is it really superior and would it have been better to build the #fediverse on top of this protocol, instead?

Thread time!

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