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Anti-Abortion protestors get mad when I say the quiet part out loud.

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Reached our goal of going from Hanoi to Kuala Lumpur without flying. It's been 3 months, 5 countries, and too many buses and trains to count 💪

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Wenn du in Physik eine 5 hattest, aber in Deutsch eine 2- und dann der Chefredakteur der WELT zu dir sagt: "Schreib mal was gegen Wärmepumpen, gerne auch eine neue Angriffslinie, die wir noch nicht hatten".

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From a DM, just in case anyone else needs to hear this.

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Elon fans are extremely mad at this guy because he had the audacity to ask for clarity on his employment status at twitter. That's all it took for them to post replies like this

Black Apple.

But I hear the cool kids call it blapple 😉
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Orange Kinder Pingui

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Hey Partypeople!

Philipp hat eine Nachricht für euch: Es geht wieder los!

25.05.2023 - Café Köpenick - 19:00 Uhr!

Als Support sind die sympathischen Jungs von Lad Pete mit dabei.

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Hi! Looks like we're a perfect match, Natalia. I never get bored of reading the spam comments on my blog. All the best, Carina

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We had our remote Christmas party yesterday. This is an accurate depiction of what it looked like:

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Forget Webflow. This is the OG website creator. 👌🏻

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Wil Wheaton’s take 👇 on Elon Musk is dead on. Only point I’ll add: Billionaires should not exist.


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